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Function Ventures' matching platform

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Relationships with the right people can unlock access to anyone, anything, anywhere.

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Valluent is a leading platform for companies to engage with the right executives to help them thrive.

The world’s best talent is seeking diversity of work but “stuck” and inaccessible to growth companies, often faced with expensive alternatives.


Valluent is a revolutionary tech platform developed by Function Ventures. Our mission is to match companies with senior executives based on their skills, experience, expertise, network and passion. We believe that the future of work is composed of unconventional engagement models that allow companies to unlock more value for businesses, while improving senior executive talent development and personal gains.  


We are paving the way to make it possible. We provide companies with the opportunity to grow and scale through our network of advisors and our unique engagement models ensuring mutual beneficial agreements. 

Accelerate your business growth through:


Access to Senior Talent Resources for Better Economics

- Match with the right executive talent to scale your business.

- Enough of limited affordability/accessibility for deeply experienced talent

- Companies do not need to face binary choices anymore, between:

a) Long-term expensive talent OR

b) Short-term expensive consulting


Better, Faster, and More Efficient Process

- Intelligent on-platform solutioning, matching and contracting.

- Our invite-only trusted network allows us to quickly and confidently assess companies' needs and find them the best possible talent.


Aligned Economic Incentives

Results Oriented Incentives:

- Leverage Valluent's unique rich and highly flexible incentive structure models for outsized outcomes.

- "On Behalf Of" deal negotiation, from Valluent to companies ensuring value creation.


Trustworthy & Credible Community

- Invite-Only network of senior executives ensures only high quality talent is onboarded to Valluent (Function Ventures), matched, and assigned to clients.

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3 engagement models.

We understand businesses have different needs and asks depending on several factors. Valluent offers differentiated engagement models to support any and all kinds and stages of growing companies.

Senior Portrait

Advisory Assignment

Advisor (talent) is assigned to help a company with specific asks for a specific period of time. Company is able to leverage the advisor's expertise, experience, and network to accelerate outcomes and avoid potential mistakes. Since the company is now part of Valluent, and hence the Function Ventures network, it has the ability to continue to take advantage of the community and its network.

Work Colleagues

Fractional C-level placement

Valluent matches and assigns advisor (talent) to work on a fractional basis with a company giving guidance and expertise. Great and effective alternative for companies with budgetary constrains but in need of hands-on effective senior executive talent. (e.g. Fractional CROs - Chief Revenue Officers - tend to accelerate GTM and revenue generation compared to FTE junior sales team, given their experience and relationships)


Full Time C-level placement

Valluent sources and matches talent to open position leveraging the community's  network ensuring only credible and trusted resources are matched to the opportunity. Valluent's platform intelligently assesses the client's requirements and works on referral basis where/when needed maximizing search reach while maintaining credibility. 


Invite-Only advisors.

Unique talent value.



A New Approach for Companies to Leverage C-level Talent

Unlock access to a unique network of C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and domain experts.


Match with the right professionals based on your company’s needs and gain unmatched engagement value.


Differentiated engagement leveraging future of work models for outsized value creation.



“Function Ventures has been helpful in guiding us on the right value prop/messaging for our merchants, as well as helping us make sure that we aren't making mistakes that others have made in the past. The advisors from the platform have unique sets of experiences and backgrounds and have been invaluable in helping us to understand how payment organizations think about retailers and how we can partner with others in a way that will create value for everyone”.


Founder & CEO of a data platform for banks, retailers, and fintechs valued at $150M.

 “Function Ventures support has been critical for market fit validation and sales traction. Their network has tremendous value, and it continues to help with new business lead generation and warm introductions, which helps shorten sales cycles and accelerate our growth.”


Co-Founder & CEO of Inclusive FinTech Company

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What to Expect

By joining Valluent, a platform developed by Function Ventures, companies gain access to unmatched value from our invite-only advisor network, based on their specific needs.

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Fill up the form with required information and support details. This will be used to better find you the best possible executive match.

Access to Advisors & Matching

Evaluate proposed advisors, explore their profiles, experience, expertise and network. Meet and agree to advisory work based on requested support.

Contracting & Get to Work

Finalize service and agreement documentation all in a single place, and get to work.

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